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Program Evaluation is For, About, and Centered on People

In this short video, two different examples are provided that speak to staff as benefactors of program assessment. These examples illustrate ways that the process of program assessment can spark a climate of collaboration, and how the results of “internal-program assessment” can enliven staff climate.

Tip 1: Some program assessment activities are collaborative in their nature. Make sure that staff get to participate in these activities. 

     Challenge: Hold “meaning-making meetings” where the assessment info/data is discussed and explored by the people who work in the program, producing strategy and action plans that are collaboratively built. 


Tip 2: Internal, operational assessment benefits staff climate. Make room for assessing the internal-workings of programs including the processes and procedures that staff engage daily. 

     Challenge: Assess the internal workings of programs in order to cultivate a human-centered staff climate.


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