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Involving program graduates in program assessment 

In this short video, two examples illustrate ways that program graduates can strengthen your program assessment. Program graduates are those persons who have completed your program or service, whether the program/service is a one-time event or across a series of meetings.

Tip 1: Involve program graduates in data collection, the collection of long-term impact data.

Challenge to you: Many programs know the importance of follow-up data, 6 months and 1 year after participants complete the program. When an organization has program graduates play a role in the assessment strategy, that assessment strategy will prove to be increasingly strong. Phone calls, emails, text messages, and canvassing can be carried out by program graduates who have been trained in data collection. In many cases, rapport materializes between people who have had similar experiences, and in this case, the completion of the same program.


Tip 2: Develop roles for program graduates in the reporting of data.

Challenge to you: Design an Ambassador-Marketing role where program graduates receive ambassadorship training and then represent the organization at on-going reporting activities. Not solely annual events, program graduates can lead reporting at BOD meetings, press conferences, and public presentations.


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