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Empower your org by distributing program assessment tasks (Pt 2)

In this short video, we provide additional examples of how to include or engage staff in program assessment. We also remind viewers of the empowerment aspect for your staff and for your program assessment/quality assurance efforts.

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Overall Benefits to Distributing Program Assessment Tasks:

  1. More “hands on deck” creates a collaborative work environment.
  2. More “hands on deck” encourages year-around assessment activities which also lightens the workload when reporting time arrives.
  3. Distributing program assessment tasks demystifies the assessment process for everyone in the org.
  4. Front line or direct service staff have insights about improving programming and processes, and distributing assessment tasks will formally invite them to share their wisdom and play a role in the advancement and refinement of the org and its programs.


We love to hear about examples and experiments that you’re undertaking to engage in distributing program assessment tasks in your org. Please share them with us at contact@achoringassessment.com


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