Board Members have major roles to play in ensuring short- and long-term effectiveness. While Board Members are central to ensuring a healthy Board of Directors through Board Assessment, Ambassador Training, Fundraising, and Recruitment of Board Candidates, the Anchoring Success Team emphasizes the importance of Board Members contributing to program effectiveness. In this vlog post, we provide two tips for Board Members to do just this.


2 Tips

1. Prior to joining a Board of Directors, ask specific questions about proof of effectiveness and how you can help.

2. While serving on the Board of Directors, request effectiveness data to support the Board’s efforts in fundraising and recruitment of more Board candidates.


Tip 1: Proof of Effectiveness

The following list of questions will assist potential Board Members in understanding the scope of program and service assessment already underway (or not underway).

  1. What is the evaluation/assessment strategy for all programs and services and can I see the strategy documents?
  2. What has the organization learned from assessing its programs and services?
  3. What recent actions have been driven by the results of assessing programs and services?
  4. What is the skill-set and spirit of senior staff for carrying-out short- and long-term assessments?
  5. Can I contribute my specialization or monies towards concretely ensuring that these things (items 1 through 4) take root in the organization?


Tip 2: Effectiveness Data for Fundraising and Recruitment 

The following list of questions will support Board Members in fundraising and recruitment, and secondarily contribute to a culture of learning in the organization.

  1. What does the latest program data show about program reach and outcomes for consumers?
  2. How much money needs to be raised and approved for program and administrative assessment?
  3. What program outcome materials are available for Board Member to use in their ambassador work?


We love to hear about examples and experiments that you’re undertaking to build a culture of learning in your organization. Please share them with us at


Why did we develop 2 Tips videos?

The Anchoring Success team trusts the talent and sophistication of professionals in Human Services and Education organizations. We know that many professionals and organizational leaders do not have the funds to partner with specialists (like us) and/or the time to strategize on what might seem like extra projects.

Therefore, we launched these “2 Tips” videos to support you with making tweaks, adjustments, and refinements in programs and operations — doable for busy professionals in these organizations!