The results from analyzing program output and outcome data should be shared with staff members frequently and enthusiastically. There are three reasons for this:

1.) Staff members can use the results to inform their current practices.

2.) Staff members should be encouraged to celebrate their talents and contributions that are reflected in the results.

3.) Staff members deserve to be involved in thinking through what the results mean for their work and the priorities of the organization.


We offer “2 Tips” for sharing data analysis results with staff

Tip 1: Use visuals that save time on “reading” and interpreting the results. Everyone is busy; visuals tell our eyes and brains what to notice in the data.

Tip 2: Share equal amounts of time on output and outcome results. Output data tell the team what the staff are “putting out” or about the implementation of the program. Outcome data tell the team what benefits are coming out of participation in the program. Both are important, but distinct.


Visuals and diverse types of data are best conveyed through infographics. Check out one of Anchoring Success’ “Bad Ass Tool of the Week” – a weekly email for professionals in the nonprofit/CBO sector – that focuses on a free resource for developing infographics. We know that you can do this and your teams wants this, too!

Why did we develop “2 Tips” videos?

The Anchoring Success team trusts the talent and sophistication of professionals in Human Services and Education organizations. We know that many professionals and organizational leaders do not have the funds to partner with specialists (like us) and/or the time to strategize on what might seem like extra projects.

Therefore, we launched these “2 Tips” videos to support you with making tweaks, adjustments, and refinements in programs and operations — doable for busy professionals in these organizations!