Any community-based organization can begin brining wellness practices into their organization.

In this 2 Tips, we provide a means for onboarding and embedding wellness into your very busy and very mission-driven organization.

Below, download and print the 8 Easy Wellness Practices handout in order to start inching the organization towards cultivating a thriving climate and culture.


Tip 1

Know that embedding wellness practices into your organization is not a magic trick; rather, it is one piece of the puzzle to support a long-term plan for cultivating a thriving climate and culture.

Tip 2

Champion wellness practices that avoid essentializing the staff members as being “undisciplined” or “decentered” when they cannot quickly de-stress within the job context; self-care language often cloaks for self- and group-shaming and this does not advance organizational nor individual goals.


Self-care Language Often Cloaks Self- and Group-Shaming

Below are three common self-care statements that often cloak self- and group-shaming. This list can support you as you bring wellness practices into your organization. Encourage your colleagues to challenge themselves to see that wellness is everyone’s responsibility, including the organization’s. Avoid placing responsibility solely on the shoulders of individuals.

1 |  “You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.”
Shaming Translation: “You don’t love yourself and you look a mess.”

2 |  “Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.”
Shaming Translation: “I can see that you’re struggling with a bunch of crap and I have the privilege of watching you and making judgements. What’s wrong with you?”

3 |  “Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel.”
Shaming Translation: “You seem unstable and are making me uncomfortable but at least I feel better about myself as I criticize you.”



8 Easy Wellness Practices handout

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