There are a lot of legitimate reasons some folks are not interested in talking about and/or engaging in Wellness. For example, you might hear:

1 |  “I don’t want to be viewed as weak.”

2 |  “I don’t need to worry about this right now.”

3 |  “There’s supposed to be suffering in a job like this.”

4 |  “Who has time for that?!”


This month’s 2 Tips supports those uninterested in Wellness. Here’s how to remain uninterested.

Tip 1

Hold tight to your legitimate reasons for lack of engagement in wellness.

Tip 2

Disregard research and facts so that you can make sure that your values and your legitimate reasons remain align.

Practical Strategies for Remaining Uninterested

1  |  Avoid reviewing operations data such as turnover, staff and volunteer satisfaction feedback, and staff performance metrics.

2 |  Keep overlooking the state of yourself/your team, including the highly-caffeinated, messy, and fiendishly smart phone distracted.

3  |  Don’t start too early with wellness practices; the best time to fit wellness into your life is after you develop heart disease and autoimmune diseases. Otherwise, you won’t fit into the American statistical trends on illness.

4  |  Remain an inspiration to your consumers. The more you suffer from job stress and vicarious trauma the more inspiration you are to your program consumers.

5  |  Don’t waste five-minutes on a mindfulness app, etc. when you can scroll down a social media app for a five-minute dopamine hit, for the 10th time today.

Why did we develop 2 Tips videos?

We know that many professionals and organizational leaders do not have the funds to partner with specialists (like us) and/or the time to strategize on what might seem like extra projects.

We launched these 2 Tips videos to support you with making tweaks, adjustments, and refinements in programs and operations — doable for busy professionals like you!