For nonprofit supervisors who already subscribe to self-development and advancing leadership skills, this 2 Tips is for you. There are many structural and climate-related actions that can be taken to keep talent within your organization. We are focused on three that are frequently overlooked by the best supervisors in the context of fast-moving, lean organizations. In addition to the two tips, list of three actions that even the best supervisors tend to overlook, we list our favorite “keep your friggin’ talent” tools for the nonprofit sector.

Tip 1

Using the list of three actions to stop doing, assess where you land as a supervisor and start where you’re weakest and start today. You’re already a great supervisor so you can handle this; offer apologies and new actions where needed.

Tip 2

Engage your talent with the list of three actions to stop doing; empower them to play their part in identifying where the actions show-up in the organizations and solutions for addressing them. There’s a part for everyone to play, especially the most talented.

Three Things to Stop Doing

When your talented direct reports point-out inefficiencies, new opportunities to advance the work, or fixes for problems, do the following to drive them out the door:

1 |  Ask talent to “be patient” because the issue or need is “complicated.”

2 |  Explain to talent that you are going to address the issue or need, but never make an action plan that communicates commitment. 

3 |  Resist creative options that cause little or no impact on the budget, such as flextime, time for reading and research, etc.

“Keep Your Friggin’ Talent,” Additional Resources

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