Day-1 is vital for celebrating new employees and volunteers. This 2 Tips focuses on ways to metaphorically roll out red carpets for new employees and volunteers, why this is important for the organizational culture and climate, and resources to support you in refining your nonprofit community-based organization’s approach to onboarding and cultivating a healthy culture and climate.

Tip 1

Roll out a metaphorical red carpet by ensuring that on Day-1, the workspace, resources, and an escort are established; in order to celebrate a new team member, there must be intentional efforts to communicate how much the organization values the new person. 

Tip 2

Onboarding is about Day-1 and the first 60-Days; formalize a simple check-off list of activities and events for the supervisor as well as the new team member to complete as part of getting established within the organization. 


Research on the role that structure and clarity play for organizational and employee effectiveness:

1 |  The 5 Types Of Organizational Structures: Part 3, Flat Organizations by Jacob Morgan
2 |  10 Things Transparency Can Do For Your Company by William Craig
3 | 
5 Benefits of More Transparency in Your Workplace by Rebecca Hawk
4 | 
Building trust and transparency in your organization by Stuart Hearn


Samples of onboarding check-off lists and guides:

1 |  New Employee Orientation: Tips for Small Nonprofits by MissionBox
2 |  The No.1 most important thing to do for new employees and board members… by Aly Sterling
3 |  Engaging the Nonprofit Workforce: Mission, Management AND Emotion (refer to the Recommendations at the bottom of each section) by Opportunity Knocks
4 |  Why the Human Side of Onboarding is the Most Important Side by Sara Pollock
5 |  7 Things You Need to Know Before Onboarding New Employees by Sara Pollock 
6 |  Employee Onboarding Guide by Sara Pollock


Celebration ideas for implementation throughout your organization:

1 |  Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks by Hadley Malcolm
2 | 
How to Celebrate Employees by Grace Ferguson
3 |  How Celebrating Workplace Milestones Improves Employee Engagement by Rise Staff
4 | 
11 Simple Ways To Show Your Employees You Care by John Hall