All strategic planning, at the organizational and program levels, is based on taking new actions or refining past actions in order to advance the mission of the organization/program. This means that change will be required. Change to processes. Change to procedures. Change to workflows. Change to workloads. Change to business as usual.

In this 2 Tips, we are rooting for you on effectively implementing Change Management techniques to fulfill the deliverables outlined in your Strategic Plan.

Change Management is often applied to situations of major overhauls for organizations and companies, however several key techniques are important for implementation post Strategic Planning within nonprofit community-based organizations.

Tip 1

Living the Strategic Plan into reality requires a Change Management map that is clear, coherent, and empowers every person to fulfil their role in the Change Management map.

Tip 2

The best Strategic Plans and Change Management maps are simple, have accountability benchmarks, and empower the staff members.

Change Management Techniques for Implementing Your Strategic Plan

1 |  Design a change map that unites action benchmarks and timelines which literally guides the journey of implementing the Strategic Plan. Every action should show-up in this map (e.g. refine an existing policy, develop a new tool, facilitate monthly meetings, etc.). Your map might be a conceptual map like that illustrated by Surbhi Mahnot or a chronological map like that illustrated by Michael Deutch.

2 |  Identify the roles and responsibilities for every person or group of people (e.g. departments) touched by the change(s) and communicate how the responsibilities should be addressed.

3 |  Ear mark all of the funds needed for the change(s) to occur.

4 |  Ensure that before, during, and after the change(s), staff climate and culture is invested in. Check out this helpful three-step reminder (refer to Appendix page A-2).

5 |  Facilitate monthly change map meetings to ensure transparency and clarity about the work being done to implement the Strategic Plan.